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Infinite Blessings Book

Spiritual Enlightenment, Life Satisfaction

Spiritual Awakening Begins, Or Expands, Here.

A New way to Create what you want.  Powerful “I AM” statements actually invoke the energy and essence of what you are desiring.

You actually become it, with the energetic help of GRACE.

This book offers powerful spiritual messages set alongside beautiful artwork~ for your contemplation and entrainment to the Divine energies contained within the art and words.

These messages emerged from Erica when she was in a deep state of Oneness.  Created to bypass the mind and speak to the truth of your heart.   They carry the power to return you to the truth of your being.

  • Art infused with Divine Grace
  • Receive Grace Blessings by gazing at the artwork and reading the inspiring messages
  • Grace Blessings will activate your enlightenment process, awakening you to your authentic self.
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    Mastery of Mind and Emotions

    Like Having a Powerful 30 Minute Private Session
    Mastery of Mind and Emotions CD“The world is as you are.”  This program assists in shifting life circumstances by raising the lower vibrations that created them. When we create unwanted events in our life or if we have a desire that has not manifested fully for us yet, there’s some lower vibration (resistance) involved.  If you get stuck in feelings or have a fear feeling, or want it to go away, this program helps you to accept and embrace ALL feelings and emotions and leads you to true emotional freedom!

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    Infinite Blessings

    Countless people are awakening to spiritual enlightenment and finding practical life fulfillment from listening to “Infinite Blessings” and receiving the Grace that comes through this delightful music.

    It’s not just another meditation CD … listen once and be transformed forever.

    It must be experienced to truly appreciate the paramount effects “Infinite Blessings” will have in your life.

    A journey so sweet, so delicious, so exciting….best of all,  EASY.

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    Crazy Cream

    This cream is an all natural body/face lotion that has been prayed over and energetically enhanced with healing energy and Grace Blessings.

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    Erica’s Aromatics Divine Intervention Space and Body Spray

    Made from a proprietary blend of crystals, essential oils found in sacred texts, holy water, and purified salt.  This spray may be used for vibrationally uplifting space, great for travel in cars, airplanes, hotel rooms, at the beach to mist your body and face, and right out of the shower before an evening out.

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