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You’ll hear me say this a LOT, I love win/win approaches to business and in life in general.

Affiliate programs are a GREAT win-win and I have one of the most lucrative and generous programs out there!

When you recommend this resource to someone who needs it, using your affiliate link, you receive a percentage of what they pay, depending on the product.  Downloadable products have a higher percentage and those actually sell the best anyways, so YAY YOU!

I win, because I attract more people and help more people without doing any extra marketing or work, I LOVE ease, and Grace…….

You win, because you help someone AND get paid for doing it.

They win, because they get a product that helps them make their life easier and more effortless.

Win/win/win. How can it get any better than this?

How it works

When someone uses your affiliate link to visit this website, it leaves a cookie (a small piece of information) on their computer saying that the referral came from you. When they buy products, the sale is linked to you.

The important part of your affiliate link is the end. There’s a number in there that identifies you.

  1. 1. Go to  sign up, get your number and then USE IT!

Using your affiliate link

which explains the whole thing… even how to make the link look less ugly.

How you get paid

You need to set up a pay pal account.  Please go to and get one, they are FREE and wonderful.  You will get paid through your pay pal account.  30 days after the sale, you’ll receive the funds into that PayPal account.

I have lots of ideas to help you SUCCEED with this, here are a few:

You must use your link to get credit. We do not manually track your referrals.

  • Send an email to your whole address book or lists you have. Tell your experience with Grace Blessings, and put your link there as a text link, or embed your link in our our graphic.
  • here are some sample e-mails you can send out and custom tailor for your preference.  We have 3 niches.  People interested in Law of Attraction, self help and people who enjoy making money!  See the example e-mails below and use whichever one feels right for your people.
  • ===========================================
    Getting in alignment=Mega Manifesting!
    ==>your affiliate link here  <==
    ===========================================Greetings {firstname}”Fearful and scared” are feelings most people avoid,
    but this is exactly how many people feel
    when they create unwanted experiences in
    their lives.

    Even though they believe in the
    Law of Attraction.

    So what’s the deal? Why does this Universal LAW not
    seem to deliver great results for so many people?

    The deal is, this LAW works in everyone’s life whether we believe in it or not, it works for everyone, with impeccable accuracy. Every single time.

    This LAW brings to you more of what you are
    asking for vibrationally. In other words, this LAW
    always responds to your predominant VIBRATION.

    If you are sending out a vibration of stress
    into the universe, you will continue to attract people, events and circumstances to be stressed about. If you are feeling unworthy and unhappy how can you possibly attract love?  More money?  Harmonious relationships? Well being and vitality?

    What we have found is happiness FIRST, then manifestation will follow.

    I have found something special I want to share with you it is a FREE online course.  This course will allow you to:

  •  Open to an energy that will get you in the FLOW.
  • This energy initiates your enlightenment and begins to reveal your authentic self
  • old beliefs, limitation and patterns begin to melt away
  • You begin to FEEL happy, peaceful and from that place everything you want to BE, DO and HAVE comes to you effortlessly.
  • This energy is Divine Grace and it does for us what we cannot humanly do for ourselves and will do most of the “work” for you.
  • It makes Law Of Attraction EASY and come to life!
  • The best part is you don’t have to be “perfect” at it to get great results.What is it?It is a unique self paced online course created to share this energy of Grace, get you feeling GOOD and get your life in the FLOW!  The BEST part is- it is absolutely FREE!

    ==Your affiliate link here==

    In all these years, I have seen many good
    classes on Self-improvement, but I have
    never come across something as powerful,
    profound and exciting as this. It is
    completely revolutionary!

    Once you start this self paced online class, receiving the energy and learning how to befriend your mind and use your mind wisely, all that is not authentically YOU you will start to melt away, your vibration increases , and doors swing open to unlimited abundance on all levels in your life.

    ==> your affiliate code here <==

    This is a community of thousands of like-minded
    people from all over the world Awakening into Oneness, getting happy and manifesting the life of their dreams. Join today! It’s FREE!

    Happy Manifesting!
    <<<< Your Name >>>>

  • Here is another sample e-mail similar to above though a shorter version:
    Get in the HIGH vibe!
    ==> your affiliate code here <==
    ===========================================Greetings {firstname}Tired of attracting unwanted experiences into your life?  Struggle and stress common emotions?  Feeling like your pushing rocks uphill? Despite all you know about Law Of Attraction?

    We are going to change ALL of this starting NOW!

    I have found out about an energy that initiates Enlightenment, ends struggle, seeking, helps you get your life in the FLOW, makes Law Of Attraction EASY and come to life and gets you happy!

    I have found that the secret formula is= happiness FIRST and Manifestation follows.

    Today,  I have something very special
    to help you get happy and get your life in the flow.

    It is a leading edge self paced online course that has this “Grace energy” in it and is absolutely FREE! I have never seen something like this ever.

    ==>your affiliate code here <==

    This is a community of thousands of like-minded
    people Awakening into Oneness, getting happy and making Law Of Attraction WORK. Join today! It’s FREE!

    ==> Your affiliate code here <==

    Happy Manifesting!
    <<<< Your Name >>>>

Get in the HIGH vibe!!
==> your affiliate code here<==

Hey {firstname}

Have you seen how the Law of
Attraction does not work well for most

Despite all the positive
thinking, affirmations and visualization?

That’s because they don’t have this one little thing that brings the Law of Attraction to LIFE, WITH EASE!

What’s the one little thing?  Grace Blessings!

Grace Blessings radically open you to ALL the good that the Universe SO wants to give you!  This energy shifts and changes EVERY area of your life!  From health to relationships, abundance, creativity, you name it!

==> your affiliate code here <==

I have opened myself to this energy and it has got me SO excited!

This woman Erica Rock has created a FREE self paced online course that gives you this energy and teaches you some fun and simple tools how to use your conscious mind and free will choices wisely so you can Be. Do and Have anything you desire! YES, it is absolutely FREE!

==> your affiliate link here <==

This is a community of thousands of people from around the Globe, Awakening into Oneness, getting happy and living a beautiful life. Join today! It’s FREE!

==> your affiliate link here<==

<<<< Your Name >>>>

The next sample e-mails are for general self help:

Join the Awakening into Oneness Experiment…It’s FREE!
==>your affiliate code here <==

Hello {firstname}

I’m so excited I’m about to burst and I have GOT to share this with YOU.

I have honestly never seen something like this in my entire online career!

It is a unique self paced online course created to Initiate your Enlightenment, get you out of seeking and suffering and START LIVING!

The BEST part is ** It is absolutely FREE! **

==> your affiliate code here <==

In all these years, I have seen lots of great courses on Self-improvement, but I have
never come across something as leading edge, radical and powerful, as this.

Receiving a transfer of energy through art, music, audios and videos that initiates Enlightenment?  I could hardly believe it myself.  But it is TRUE and my life is improving in all areas, I am manifesting what I want with ease, my life is in the flow and I want EVERYONE I know and love to experience this!

Once you start the course, receiving the energy and learning the conscious mind teachings to use your free will and choices wisely, your vibration will soar through the roof, and your life flows with an ease that is incredible!

==>your affiliate link here <==

This is a community of thousands of like-minded people from around the Globe Awakening into Oneness, getting happy and living the life of their dreams.

Join today! It’s FREE!

Happy Awakening!
<<<< Your Name >>>>

This last sample e-mail is for the money making niche

I have NEVER seen anything like this join free!

==your affiliate link here==

Hello {!firstname}

I am sending you a very different kind of e-mail today and it is something I really need to share.

Suffice to say I have never seen something like this in my entire online career!

It is a unique self paced online course created to initiate your Enlightenment process!

**AND- it is absolutely FREE! **

==> your affiliate code here <==

What does enlightenment have to do with making money?

Everyone whether they know it or not wants enlightenment!  For some this looks like perfect health, well being, abundance, success, feeling happy.

Enlightenment is our natural state and once you begin to enlighten you will find that success starts to come to you, very easily!  Your life moves from struggle to FLOW.  What you want comes to you when you want it.  You act from inspired action instead of forced action which often yields little to no results.

Einstein said, “No problem can be solved in the same consciousness in which it was created.”  The energy in this course SHIFTS CONSCIOUSNESS, so “problems” easily resolve or just go away.  No joke.

This energy shifts your vibration and makes you into a money attracting magnet if that is what you really want.  So yes, YOU want Enlightenment, you just didn’t know it.

Not only does this plump up your bottom line the energy changes things for the better in every area of your life!
– Improve your relationships with your spouse, partner, co-workers, children, neighbors and with yourself.
– Improve health.
– Improve your life at work.
– Be more at peace with what is going on around you.
– Attract more joy and happiness in your life.
– Be the change you wish to see in the world!
– And much more!

==> your affiliate code here <==

This is leading edge and it works.  This might be a little far outside the box but the results I am getting is fantastic and I wanted to share it with you too.

Join today! It’s FREE!

==> your affiliate code here<==

<<<< Your Name >>>>

  • Ask your friends to forward them to all their friends. Your link will stay in there as they are passed along. Tell them how you want to impact the world, and how this will help! They will help you when they know of your cause. They love to make a difference in the world and spread love.
  • Send one of them a picture of Grace Infused art (ask Erica for this)  each month, and ask people to forward them.
  • NEWSLETTERS: Talk about it in your newsletter and put a text link. That works better than anything else overall. It does not always have to be fancy or have graphics!
  • Copy and paste one of Erica’s blog articles into your email or newsletter, and put your link at the end.
    WEBSITES: Put an ad on your website,
    with your link embedded in it. It will work better if you say something personal about your experience with Grace Blessings too.
  • Promote a specific course and tell about it.
  • Put your text link in your automatic email signature with a good quote or phrase, and say “click here to find out more.”
  • To friends, send out a loving, sharing email. Appreciate their friendship. Tell them what you got from Grace Blessings, and that you’d like to share it with them. Speak from the heart.
  • Or just say “You must see this site! You can actually feel the energy.” It can be simple! The art does a lot of the work, and The Divine does the rest.
  • In your MySpace, Facebook or linked in, networking or social site profile (if they allow live links… test it to make sure it still works).
  • On Spiritual or metaphysical sites. Find directories and referral sites that post things free.
  • If you have a business email list, put it in routine emails, and let those who are attracted to it check it out.
  • Use it as a fund-raising tool for your cause, charity, or drive. Paste the link in emails and say how people’s purchases contribute to your cause.
  • Try lots of things and have fun improving it each time.
  • Please send us YOUR ideas for how to share Grace Blessings. We’re learning as we go.

In Grace,

Erica Rock

Creator: Infinite Blessings Products & Grace Blessing Practitioner Certification Program