Experience the Masters

Accelerate your spiritual growth and quicken your path to enlightenment!

Experience the MastersJoin Holistic Healthcare Practitioner Erica Rock and the Ascended Masters for a private session.  Erica recorded a live class with the ascended masters and it was so very powerful and transformative that she offers it for you here for your personal growth and evolution.  You will receive the benefit of Erica’s 15 years of expertise as a spiritual counselor, intuitive and teacher supported by guidance, teachings, healing and DIRECT EXPERIENCE with the Ascended Masters. This experience of unique Spiritual Healing offers an unparalleled opportunity for lasting breakthroughs in your life.

“The Ascended Masters mp3 opens up a whole new realm for me.  I got the strongest physical reaction to Mother MaryI could smell the roses. I also got a good connection to Hilarion.  Although I didn’t get a strong a reaction/feeling with Melchizedek when I did the tape, he has been the one I have definitely felt the presence and help of over the last couple of days.” C. N. NH

Hello Erica,  All I can say is WOW!  I was very moved by each being.  I could feel the energy running thru my body. It was incredible!

I cried with the first being = I felt like I was being hugged.  As you introduced each one I could feel my hands warm with its energy, then running up thru my arms and into my body.  Very safe and loving feeling. At times I could feel some pain in my chest with the others.  I just breathed them all in.

With Jesus, I asked for him to heal me.  I could feel my body moving.  Right from the tip of my spine up my back and to my neck and head. Each vertebra at a time.  I cried when I spoke with him.  What an experience to be with him.  I have prayed to him all my life and always felt a connection but that was beyond what I had imagined he would be like.

I am so excited to have these connections now and feel that my spiritual journey has made this huge turning point.  I have felt that way for months, but this was huge.”  anonymous

“What an amazing experience!  I felt such a connection with Metatron that I was actually weeping.  My vessel of travel was a crystal prism that I had to grab paper and pen to draw it immediately.  I was given the message that I am an Indigo – Chrystalline Adult. (Actually had to research them because I wasn’t 100% sure what they were). Again…AMAZING!!  So much, almost too much to take in all at once.  I will go back and listen again.  I slept like a rock and awoke so calm and peaceful this morning.  I still feel the messages pouring in!

Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!!!”

J. B

• Activate new or dormant aspects of your consciousness

Experience Spiritual Healing of either a short-term or long-standing challenge/issue

• Gain direction and guidance in relation to your life in general and/or a specific aspect of it

Receive guidance and support during a Point of Crisis

All of this will come through YOU having a DIRECT EXPERIENCE with each Ascended Master.  This is a very different class.  Erica brings in their energy and essence but then you bring all of your life experiences, troubles, cares and worries to each of the Masters and have direct communication with each of them.  The power is in your hands, not Erica’s, she is simply holding space for the shifts to occur.

This program is 2 hours and 20 minutes.  The value and benefit is tremendous.  Once you link up with these Ambassadors of the Divine you are linked forever and can call on their energy and essence at any point in times of need.  This class was previously recorded, just follow along at your own pace and journal your unique messages and experiences.  The energy that flows throughout the call is powerful, do not listen to this while driving.

Hi Erica,

Just a few words about last night’s ascended masters workshop…

Wow! Wow! Wow!  Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

it’s a good thing we can mute ourselves because I cried the happiest tears of joy.  I have had so many experiences like what you did last night with these masters that I have never spoken about. Hearing everything you talked about  was so refreshing to know I do not make this stuff up when I experience them. When you talked about the great central sun, I was already there! When you talked about the chair and the robe and the bottle of oil and putting the oil on the 3rd eye, I was there even before you said it. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for helping me to see that someone else has these kinds of experiences. I’m so grateful to you for helping me believe in myself. I have so much more I want to say to you but there are no words in any language to describe how much I love and gratitude I have for you, you have been my greatest teacher in human form. You are what I aspire to become.


“What an experience last night. I will have to listen to the recording, because there is a moment where I was astral. I was out and when I returned I heard Erica’s voice fade in. I felt very light and refreshed. I also felt as though I had undergone a reset. Which was good because I felt I needed it.

Also I think I got most of my emotional stuff out as I mentioned last night prior to the call. I had been experiencing heaviness in my heart about Jesus for at least 2 weeks now. I do feel better and will have to see where this all takes me.

I felt very connected to Serapis Bay and I want to say that when I checked out was when Erica said when the Masters were standing on either side of each of us. So I will have to get back to you on that.” T.C Dover NH

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Ascended Masters Program 2

Featuring Melchiezedek, Serapis Bey, Hilarion, Archangel Metatron and Jesus.

This Ascended Master and Archangel program will give you a direct, personal experience with each Being of Light that will be unique and custom tailored for you. People who participated in this live event received Healings, Messages, lifelong questions answered, activations and so so much more, please read the personal stories people shared about this experience with these Masters.  In addition, you will be:

~ordained into the Order of Melchizedek

~Receive activations of your pineal gland for your personal Ascension and Awakening

~have your own personal merkaba light vehicle constructed and fully activated

If you consciously have no idea what some of these things mean, but your heart is screaming, “yes, yes, yes!” This is your inner being conveying to you, that this is your next step on your spiritual journey! The experiences that you will have with this program are WAY beyond the mind and cannot be properly expressed with words.  If you are reading this and feeling excitement, that is the go ahead, leave your mind behind!

This previously recorded program is 1 hour 30 min in length and it is best to be able to have the full time to take this journey of spiritual opening, expansion and exploration. You will be making powerful allies for LIFE, that can assist you in any area that you may desire a shift or upliftment.

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Ascended Masters Program 3

Featuring Pallas Athena, Saint Padre Pio, Goddess Tara, Saint Germain and Thoth!

This Beings of Light program will give you a direct, personal experience with every being that will be unique and custom tailored to you.  Please read about the personal experiences that people had.  This is WAY more effective than me telling you what you will receive!  Here is some of what happened for people.  Names have been omitted to secure anonymity.

“Last night’s telcall was very powerful.  I have the headache to prove it and that’s OK.  I’ve got a lot of information and energy to absorb and not a lot of time.  The Ascended Master that came in were perfect for me at this juncture.

I have been working on the violet flame decrees for a month or so and the “I am a being of the violet fire, I am the purity God desires” is part of my daily morning routine.  I had not realized it until last night, that, for me, St. Germain’s energy signature is the violet fire I feel when I do the decrees.  It was also interesting that you talked about the world politics.  The second decree I use regularly is “Let Freedom Roll”!  The modified “I AM” decree was very powerful.  It started to work on my heart center and my third eye, psychic abilities.  That continued throughout the call.  I was amazed at how many of the different aspects of what I am working through showed up, from home front to life path to spiritual growth.  I can only tell you that I am still vibrating as I write this.”


“What an intense experience with the masters. My experience started throughout the day with a headache stretching my crown and brow chakras to their limit. I could feel cleansing through my entire physical fields and tingling throughout the day.

In fact, I couldn’t wait for the call to feel relief, which to some degree I did but knew that I was experiencing a cleansing process. Each time a master was introduced or spoken of through out the call my entire body went into a tingling experience that felt like twinkling white lights throughout my system. Three quarters of the way through I left and returned as I did in the first call, and caught the bit about Thoth and Isis– which I always connect with easily and understood their role on the call for me. I am about to launch on a new adventure in my life personally and professionally, so the masters that came through were significant for the role I’m which I’m coming into– I’m tingling as I write this. I continued with the headache throughout the night and call and had to sleep to help me through.

Amazing as always, I feel truly blessed and honored to be here at this time with all of you and the masters. Gearing up for quite an adventure. Thank you Miss Erica for providing the avenue for us to become fully who we need to be. You Rock! Literally..  Lol”


“I had a very powerful energy flow last night, and today, I REALIZED something I was wondering about for days now!! So for 3 days, I have had a headache right in the center of my forehead! I kept saying to myself, why do i keep getting a headache, and it would pass….. At least 5 times through out the day for the past 3 days. THAN last night! OH MY!!! I was listening and St. Germain, WOW!!! my head hurt again, but it was like pressure this time, right in the middle of my forehead. I was tingling all over, my hands had so much tingling in them and hot! Than I became very HOT! like i was going to explode!

Than there was this cold ice like feeling on my forehead right where the pain was, and it was hurting, BUT it was not painful, if that makes sense. It was so intense to me that i kept touching my forehead thinking it was going to pop open or something, like pressure, yet it was NOT PAINFUL. This went on throughout the entire call.

I also felt so much running in my blood, it was like I could feel my blood running in my veins, pumping, and pumping. Very strange sensation, yet again, not painful just feeling it move was so powerful! I was feeling so pumped… ha ha! Sorry couldn’t resist! Also the pressure through out my entire being was intense, like it was trying to make room for something. I can not describe it as it was such a strange feeling to me that I had to just let it flow, and feel the pressure building like my cells were expanding, and expanding. I could feel each part of my body, completely and totally, and the head thing! Wow! Now I know why I had a headache for 3 days prior to this call. My head hurts again today, but its not painful.

I also so saw MANY Geometric symbols, signs and such… Stars and sort of stairways made up of geometric shapes and forms….. very interesting… I drew them out on paper.

And the last thing I had, was a COW, Yes, A COW…. not sure what the cow means yet, but I saw it, smelled it, touched it, and took care of it….. Anyone have any insight on the COW, please let me know! :)

LOVED IT!!! Thank you Erica!!! This has opened up so much with me, and I am running with it each day! I will keep you posted on the cow, if maybe I am getting one from somewhere! not sure where I would put it! :)”


“Let me just start with what a pleasure it was to be on this call and have this experience with all of you and your unique energies! Totally FAntabulishous!

This was such a truly intense experience and I could feel how intense it was for us all.The energy that was coursing through me was “pro-found”. There were times that I felt like the top of my head was open and energy and light were just pouring into my human and non-human experience.

I felt each entity intensely and got meaning and gifts from all. During the time that Tara was in (White Tara to be specific) I felt the moon or more accurately my connection to the moon. There was a voice in my head saying “Pay attention to the moon, to the cycles and to life as it relates to the moon, you are the moon!” and then low and behold there came Isis! An energy I am so connected to. It was the second time recently that I have been given the information on the moon, the other time was when a very strong Shaman told me the same thing after doing body/energy work. So that was a strong connection.

My mind also shut down about 3/4ths of the way into the call and as I came back to my body, I was filled with electric current through my feet, legs, hands and arms, almost painful. It made me want to jump up and start running in the night, my favorite time to go, go, go. For the past month my palms have been burning hot. Sometimes I have to cool them off one way or another. I recognize it as healing power now. It is intense.

Another thing that kept happening is that I kept getting different smells coming to me. Pine and hay and gardenias and new fresh spring earth and many others wafting through my consciousness. This is new for me, it also started around the time that my palms started to be hot and feel like they are burning.

Then there was a time when I was asking for help in heightening my psychic awareness and a voice that came back saying: “it is all there just trust yourself and what you are hearing” I thought that I was going to have a difficult time sleeping because of the electricity moving through my limbs but the reverse was true. I got into bed and immediately fell into a deep sleep! OMMMMMmazing! the whole experience. And this is only a fraction of what I experienced. There was so much more that I can’t put it into words yet.”

“First off, thank you Erica for doing this call and thank you everyone for participating!!  The call was great and was really beneficial to me!

I could really feel the energy from St. Germaine.  I felt the violet flame in my heart, mind, and being and it definitely felt like my lower vibrations were being purified.  The power of the violet light is amazing and I felt that it shifted aspects of me for the better!  I was able just to sit and bathe in the violet light…very nice.

I liked working with Tara both green and white.  She ran green energy into my heart and it had a real soothing and calming effect on me!  It felt like any worry or doubt I had in the moment dissipated.  She told me she would help me love more and repeatedly asked me, “Do you love me?”, to which I answered, “Yes” over and over again until I was at peace.  St. Pablo (I forget his name) gave me a good healing and helped me with a long-standing injury I have had.  I think he, Tara, and St. Germain all helped me increase my healing abilities as well.

I liked working with Thoth – he’s a character!  He seemed very intense, but very wise and seemed like he understands both sides of things (i.e. creation and destruction).  He gave me some good guidance and was going to help me with my writing abilities.  Athena was cool…she ran white light through my third eye and had some really kind words to say.

Overall, this was really good, Erica!  I am really fortunate that I had the opportunity to participate in this call! Thanks again and thank you everyone!”

“Hi all.  Thank you for such an amazing experience last night.  I had such a powerful connection to St Germaine.  I heard music, violin to be exact and then chanting.  I couldn’t make out the words for a long time, but finally got “I am here” over and over.  I was able to travel with him covering everything with the violet fire.  AMAZING!  I got so relaxed when the green and white Tara was there that I actually fell asleep for a bit.  woke myself up snoring:)  I too have had the headache in the middle of my forehead.  Funny, I mentioned it at work yesterday and said I usually have them on the left side of my head.  I know I received a gift with my hands.  I feel it so strongly.  When I finally fell asleep last night, I continued on my journey with St Germaine.  So much more, but I am so wiped out right now that I am going to rest.”

“My experience started two days before the call.  I kept smelling what I thought was some type of cleaner, but then realized it was ‘pine’.  Fresh unmistakable pine!  While spending time with the masters I saw pine trees, only the tops but an amazing view.  A face appeared of a young boy.  His look was that of someone past from the frontier (only way to describe it).  He smiled at me and said to be prepared for a beautiful new earth.  The view then filled with a creeping green fog.  Then I saw what I thought to be a bull or possibly a cow…not sure which along with the smell of pine.  It was absolutely beautiful!  A fresh new world is what I have continued to get coming in.  Again, this was powerful and I am so thankful to have been a part of it with all of you!”

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Ascended Master call 4

Beings that we worked with were and how they may assist you:

Archangel Michael– commitment and dedication to one’s beliefs, courage, direction, energy and vitality, life’s purpose, motivation, protection, space clearing, spirit releasement, worthiness and increased self esteem

Ashtar from the Ashtar Command– aliens, understanding and having a peaceful interaction with, earth changes, profound thinking, protection, releasing fear, spiritual understanding

Isis–  Divine magic, feminine strength, power and beauty, joy, self esteem

Lakshmi–  abundance, beauty and aesthetics, lasting happiness, home supplies and food, manifesting, space clearing for home

Pele–  empowerment, energy, goal setting and goal getting, honest communication in relationships, passion and prioritizing

These are some of the strengths and attributes that each being posseses and will be able to assist those that participate on the tele call with.  As you can see, there is a common theme with each, these beings already know who will be on the call, or who will purchase the recording later and have come forth in service to each and every one of us if we so choose to co-create a brighter reality with them.

here is the experience of one person, I like to have people share their experiences instead of me telling them:

“Hi Erica,

That last call was amazing and was even better than the prior call!! Thanks again for doing this!  I had some really good experiences.

Archangel Michael – You shared a really good personal story about him.  Thanks.  I was really able to feel his energy!  I am without words for the initiation that he did!  It is truly an honor to receive that from him!  I was able to feel the energy from his sword when he rested it on the top of my head.  He certainly has tremendous energy and a tremendous presence!

Ashtar – I laid down my fears about aliens to Ashtar and I felt that with his help I was able to let them go.  He reassured me that I would be okay.  I had forgotten about these fears and had unconsciously been carrying them around for awhile, but was really happy that I could simply lay them down and let them go.  I’m really glad he could help!

Isis –  Isis was amazing!  I felt as if she gave me a great healing and helped me with some of my issues.  I felt like I was flying with her for a brief moment and it seemed like she was healing me with something she was holding.  She was great to work with and gave an amazing healing!

Lakshmi and Ganesh – Lakshmi helped me with some issues around the home amongst other things.  I felt a lot of good, strong, and positive sensations in my body while working with her.  Additionally, I was also able to feel a stronger sense of oneness or connectedness after working with her.  Ganesh is always great!  When he came to help me, he removed obstacles both seen and unforeseen from my path!  I’m really glad that he joined in!

Pele – Wow!  Did you feel Pele’s energy during this call??  The sensations become strong, intense, and fiery.  I don’t exactly know how to describe how intense and how good the healing was, and how lucky I am to work with her!  She also helped me with honest and open communication (which I had been looking to get help with) and helped bring passion back into my relationships!  She told me to come to Hawaii.  Her energy, however, was so incredible…you’d have to be numb in order not to feel that!  By the way, I heard your cat “meow” during this, so I know it must have been a good experience for you!

Thank you so much again Erica for doing this.  You weren’t kidding when you said this would be a good call!


A.C Mass

The recording is only 25.00

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Ascended Master class 5 featuring:

Artemis:  animals and wildlife, camping and hiking, children, environmentalism, fertility, child conception, and adoption, intuition, increasing and honoring, power especially feminine, protection.

Moses:  authority figures, dealing and negotiating with, clear communication with GOD, courage , faith, leadership, miracle working and miracle consciousness

Archangel Zadkiel:  Compassion, finding lost objects, forgiveness self and others, healing, emotionally  and physically, memory enhancement, remembering important information, studies, students, tests

Maitreya:  joy, laughter and sense of humor, lovingness, peace, global and personal, relationship healing, forgiveness, compassion, HEART OPENING!

Vesta:  Divine light, increasing its size, brightness and visibility, fire control, Home, filling it with warmth, love, peace and harmony, passion, igniting and keeping, ESPECIALLY having a LUST FOR LIFE!, Protection, space clearing, how to raise your personal vibration, what you can DO to help mother earth raise her vibration.

These are some of the strengths and attributes that each being possesses and will be able to assist those that participate on the tele call with.  As you can see, there is a common theme with each, these beings already know who will be on the call and have come forth in service to each and every one of us if we so choose to co-create a brighter reality with them.

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Ascended Master Program 6:

the 5 beings that you will work with on this program are:

Kuthumi: Helps with dedication to one life purpose, focus, getting priorities straight, letting go of distractions, help with feeling overwhelmed, discerning TRUTH, inner peace, helping you to focus and concentrate on only that which is beneficial for you.

Babaji: addictions, cravings, overcoming, reducing, breathwork, clear communication with God, manifestation, detaching from material world, protection from religious persecution or persecution from people who misunderstand you, simplifying your life, spiritual growth, yoga practice

Sanat Kumara: warrior God, clearing entities and negative energies, OVERCOMING EGO, lifting fatigue, healing work, space clearing, spirit releasement, spiritual knowledge and enlightenment

Solomon: Kabbalistic understanding, divine magic, JOY, manifestation, space clearing, spirit releasement, wisdom and understanding, HIGH MAGIC, controlling demons, forgiveness, miracles

Yogananda: Clear communication with God, Divine love, healing ALL LEVELS, Peace, personal and global, Unity of religious beliefs, yoga practice, breathing, meditation, clarity, focus, inner peace, dedication to Divinity, Self realization, awakening and enlightenment

Here is what one participant had to say:

“I felt the energy intensify as we moved through the different beings. I felt warm, heated spots on right side of my head, top of my head and side of my right leg.  Also felt energy shifts that seemed to almost jerk out from my feet.

Also just wanted mention that I had a dream a while ago, you were in it.  It was short but I got the point.  I was sitting in a chair with my feet up in an upright position, in a huge gymnasium type of room with other people.  You came up from behind me, looked right at me and said “it’s time to wake up” I immediatley woke up from my dream and understood that it’s time to wake up spiritually.

Love you too! ”  D.P

“I have done ALL of the calls with Erica.  I mostly FEEL.  I do from time to time get messages and have visions. Working with each being I receive PURE Light, Energy and Intelligence that later on translates to greater Awarenesses, Intuition, Healing and Awakening.  I have grown SO MUCH.  I can’t even recognize myself from when I first started.  I feel SO SUPPORTED by the Hierarchies of Light.  Synchronicites abound!  Life flows with EASE.  I am just so, so grateful and would HIGHLY recommend these programs to any serious spiritual seeker.”  S.H.

“Good Morning Erica

The last 14 months have been wonderfully transformative for me.  Thank you for the part that you have played in that time.

The Ascended Master’s call wednesday was a significant step forward for me.  I am always intrigued by the way the pieces come together and specific spiritual needs are met.  I had been ambivalent about the call, trying to decide whether I wanted to do it.  I woke up wed to tremendous energy and pressure on my third eye.  So I e-mailed you to confirm I wanted to be on the call.  I started the call with the third eye already active.  The crown chakra opened easily and was open throughout most of the call.  The Mahatma blessing had wonderful energy.  When we started the releasement meditation with Sanat Kumara, I felt an entire body release immediately.  As we continued, I could feel pressure all around the heart center, but not within it.  As I felt it fully, it slowly released.  Since the call, I have been very busy, but I have noticed that I can connect quickly with Sanat Kumara to restore my energy.  My crown chakra also opens more easily and fully as I sit and meditate.

With Love”


” Hi Erica

Well that was one of the most profound events that I have experienced.  Thank you for holding the space for this.
I am talking about the Wednesday ascended  master call . The format really allowed for a truly personal experience.  I felt each ascended master and a few more star seed beings as we went on the journey. It was as though I was there and truly had a personal meeting with each one with  lots of kinostitic energy lots of visuals . thank you again. As soon as I got up I started a painting I will send you a copy when its is finished . Well count me in for the next one .  thanks thanks thanks
your fellow friend in light ”
J.C Brooklyn NY

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Ascended Masters call # 7 Featuring

Archangel Haniel:  who assists with bringing GRACE into our lives, healing abilities, moon energy, poise under severe circumstances, psychic abilities.

Ishtar:  Child conception and parenting, compassion for self and others, all kinds of healing, gentleness, love relationships and marriage, protection against lower energies, sexuality, War (prevention and resolution of), weather!  (can you see how working with this being could benefit you during these times!?

Kuan Ti:  Justice and freedom for falsely accused prisoners and prisoners of war, legal matters, prophesies about world events, psychic abilities, increasing accuracy and details, space clearing, spirit releasement, War, preventing and ending.

Saint John of God:  Anxiety, depression, healing, heart ailments, hospitalizations, increasing JOY, space clearing, spiritual dedication (this is particular is what the SHIFT is all about, moving from a material world to a spiritual one!)

Sedna:  Abundance-especially food supply, animal rights-especially relating to water-based animals, fish, and birds, dolphins and whales and working with their energies for HEALING, dreams and intuition, granting of wishes, hands and fingers-healing, HURRICANES DISPELLING, ocean conservation, protection while swimming, sailing, boating, or surfing.

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Ascended Master call #8 featuring:

Aphrodite: helps with commitments, marriage and engagements.  Femininity, gracefulness and beauty.  Attraction and attractiveness.  Sexuality, including increasing romantic desire and passion

Mother Mary: adopting children, protection.  All things related to children.  Support for those who work with children.  Fertility, healing of all kinds and mercy and compassion.  Opening the heart center.

Devi: Addictions, releasing and detoxification from. Meaningfulness- finding more in life and career.  Purification of body and mind.  Relationships, all aspects of.  Peacemaking and forgiveness.

Kali: Courage, determination, direction, focus, motivation, protection, tenacity!

Buddha: Balance and moderation in all things, joy, peace, inner and world.  Spiritual growth and understanding!

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