Grace Blessings Mastery

8 week Grace Blessing Mastery Class (pre-requisite for those that want to take the Grace Blessing Level 1 Practitioner training)

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8 Week Grace Blessing Mastery Course Experience Weekly Grace Blessings and go through the book (with the working title), “The TRUE You”, By Erica Rock .

Interactive Grace Blessings ~ Teachings and Book Group

Dates: April 5th- May 24 th 8:30-9:30 EST
Cost: $275.00 for the 8-week course
Soaring into the Golden Age of Enlightenment!

We’ll read the book “The True You” together and go through the exercises. We will take real life scenarios that YOU are facing and see how we can apply the teachings that we are learning in our day to day lives. We will concentrate specifically on setting relationships right, forgiveness and peacemaking, mastery of mind/emotions and learning a diving in process that will help us to do just that! This also is more affordable than one-to-one sessions. This class is still relevant even if you have already read the book! Many of us read and re-read the book several times as our consciousness expands we learn something new with each read.

Group Teleconference: as a community, we will share experiences and discuss topics from the reading. You will receive the energy and support of the other participants, in the form of brainstorming, help diving into feelings in a safe atmosphere, making NEW like minded friends, sharing and delighting in the Pure Grace that will be eminating throughout the call. As we know, staying in the vibration for long amounts of time helps us to be able to maintain those higher vibrations on our own out in the world. We will also focus on re-training the mind so you CAN have more ease, flow and grace in your life on a day to day basis.

Live Grace Blessings:
At the end of each call. Flowing this energy feels amazing. Each chapter in the book includes a Grace Blessing. These are powerful and, you will love the increase of power and energy you experience from the live blessings as well.

Calls will be recorded so if for some reason you have to miss a live session, you will be able to listen at any time.
That applies to all of you who may want to repeat experiencing a session during the course.

Please register now. I will contact you with further instructions once your registration is received.

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Take the prerecorded version of the class for $110:
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