“I AM” Unity Consciousness Breathing Meditation

Welcome to the “I AM” Consciousness Breathing Meditation Program!


This meditation is FULL of Divine Grace to Initiate your Enlightenment to assist you in reaching a state of Unity Consciousness!

We will use breath, will and intention to expand ourselves to become ONE will ALL of Creation.

We will ignite the living Divine Spark within us and expand it out to encompass the ALL, then bring the ALL and Divine Light back within us.

As above
So Below
As within
So without

This guided process will increase your vitality, bring profound inner peace, oxygenate your blood for physical healing, expand you into Oneness helping you to remember who and what you truly are.  You will feel as though you are being cradled in the arms of the Divine, free, safe, infinitely loved and nurtured.

You can do this meditation alone, with a partner holding hands or in a group setting, seated in a circle hand in hand.  Doing this meditation as a group delivers powerful expansive effects!

One man who guided himself through this process on his own had this to say about it:

“Wow, just did this breathing practice, I am like one big ball of vibrating light energy, awesome!”

This practice allows you to start to safely go beyond your own limits, boundaries and comfort zones and become as expanded as you possibly can.  Once in that expanded state you begin to come to know who and what you truly are and all of the limitations, beliefs and whatever is false within the egoic mind can drop away as you see it for the illusion it really is.

Long, deep breathing oxygenates the body, blood and brain for physical healing to occur.

Divine Grace will catalyze rapid shifts within you and in your life!  Shifts in health, relationships, finances, career, synchronicities, ease and FLOW begin to occur for the person.  New awareness and Awakening brings freedom and liberation.

“I AM” statements will be used once we are in this expansive state so that we can BECOME those attributes of the Divine that are desirable.  This increases our personal vibration which will profoundly shift and change our lives for the better, opening to Infinite Blessings and Good from the Universe.

The “I AM” Unity Consciousness Breathing Meditation is available as an MP3 download and CD version.

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