Online Spiritual Retreats for Enlightenment

To Take ANY of these courses you MUST read “The TRUE You” first.  This is the pre-requisite to have a private session, take any LIVE workshops or to purchase any of the online courses.  Start with “the TRUE You”,

Awakening into Oneness Global Experiment level 1.  This is a FREE 8 week online class that is radically rocking the world from continent to continent.  People are getting into the FLOW, manifesting their hearts TRUE desires, moving out of suffering and seeking and into LIVING.  Once you try this course, you will KNOW within every fiber of your soul that this is what you ave been praying for.  Your prayers have been heard and answered, register for this here:

Ok, I have read “The TRUE You” and want to go deeper, what might I do next?

the 8 week Grace Blessing Mastery Course could be your next step.  Read more about that, here:

“Why Walk when you can fly” level 2– Go deeper into the Grace Blessings work.  Smooth out all of the rough edges, learn to let go and release resistance even more, balance and embrace the masculine and feminine aspects of self.

God Realization level 3:  This is a VERY advanced course.  You go from having a relationship with the Divine to KNOWING you are the Divine in physical form.  Find out more about it here: