The TRUE You

The TRUE You an Awakening and Enlightenment Manual“The TRUE You” will be unlike any spiritual or self help book you’ve ever read. This book may just be the LAST self help or spiritual book you may ever need!  The book actually activates the Divine Presence within you, wakes up this Presence and this expands your capacity to allow in Divine Grace. It is radically life-transforming.  Your inner and outer world will radically shift, in both the changes you’ll experience in your life, and the spiritual experiences you’ll enjoy.

You’ll live as The TRUE You! Your real, authentic, powerful self, free of the limitations of the mind and emotions. You’ll embark on a journey of ease and joy. Your outer circumstances will improve exponentially, but your happiness will no longer be governed by the outer world, people, events and circumstances. This is inner peace, joy, happiness and fulfillment that can never be lost.

“Hi Erica,
A friend recently handed me your book as I come from a very negative family and find myself always with the glass half empty.
I tend to focus on the negative – at work, in my relationships, and on myself.
I just accomplished my first grace blessing and could not believe all the energy I felt in my body.
It was like a warm rush went through my body and took the hurt away, I actually ended up shedding some tears it was so strange.
My dog was very aware of something happening and kept coming near me to see what was happening.”  S. F. NJ

We have come a long way in learning that we create our own reality, but that knowledge can leave us frustrated unless there is a easy, simple and effective method to follow that yields excellent results, every single time!  Many people tell me that they couldn’t apply the Universal Laws in an easy way….until “The TRUE You”. Once they open to Divine Grace through the activations in this book, everything falls into place with effortless ease.

Now The Divine does most everything for you once you learn how to receive and get out of the way, with Divine Grace. Gone are the days of struggle, suffering, and endless seeking on the spiritual and personal development path. You will begin to live your life FULL OUT!  A life of joy, FUN, expanding and creating!

People new to the path are having some of the biggest transformations of all because they are not “filled” with a ton of “spiritual stuff” to unlearn and let go of.

You won’t just read about the God that lives within and all around you, you will actually experience the Divine and cultivate a workable relationship with the Divine, while reading this book. Your life will change for the better, and it keeps unfolding and expanding, getting more delicious with each passing day.

This is from a woman who recently started reading “The TRUE You”:

Hi Erica,

I have been wanting to share  something fun that happened to me. I have been reading your second book and doing the exercises and the Grace Blessings as directed, most mornings. I had donated blood for Children’s Hospital at my local jeweler’s location in early July and about two weeks after I donated I received a call from my jeweler telling me that I won a drawing (and I didn’t even know I was entered) of a one thousand dollar gift certificate to his store! I had the opportunity of opening up to receiving-now it took me  a few trips to the store to make this real and I worked with the feelings as they emerged-those feelings that have kept me back in the past-I welcomed the feelings and breathed through them and then I was able to pick out a watch for Jan and then a very expensive and fun watch for myself! This is actually pivotal for me in my process of opening up to allowing better things for me. I think there is a connection to my work with you and my ability to allow better things into my life and I thank you for all that you are.”

This story from a man who is enrolled in the FREE 8 week self paced online course, Awakening into Oneness Global experiment and is reading the BOOK, The TRUE You: “As I started to read the 4th lesson, I FELT spirit say, it is done. A FEELING of intense spiritual knowingness came over me and for the first time in my life I FELT it, that knowingness flowing through me. It is real. It is intense. It is vibrating light. It wants me to have what it is (That was another knowingness FELT). I had just read your statement by Yogananda when this happened. I have not even finished reading the lesson but wanted to write.  I had started to notice before this happened that I was more aware of the negative voices/energy when the came up and was starting to immediately feel through the energy like you wrote about. It will be interesting to experience what happens from here on out.

Regards and thanks for sharing your experiences. Thank You for the introduction to the Grace Blessings.  And your right, I have done nothing other than continued my desire to know and experience God and read and do the lessons. WOW. What a Trip”

Erica Rock’s new book is a how-to guide for waking up the Divine Intelligence in you. You’ll learn how to access the Divine, what to expect during your unfolding process, the art of allowing and receiving, and how to enjoy this journey to the max!

Dear Erica,
I wanted to thank you for your book THE TRUE YOU. It is an amazing book! It has changed my life.
I would have to say that you are one of the most gifted human beings I have met in a long time.

I’m a channel and anchor for the Divine Mother Energies and your book came highly recommended from above (from Divine Mother) .
Divine Mother says that there are not many people walking this planet as enlightened as you. I was
told that Grace was my last step on my path of fully awakening… and along you came with the Grace Blessings and THE TRUE YOU. I was told that your book would shift my life and it did. The True You has freed me from the
traumas and dramas of life… I feel much freer and lighter. The flood gates of spiritual wisdom have opened
and my connection to spirit has strengthened. The joy I feel inside is like nothing I have ever experienced.
I can’t get the smile off my face.

When I finally got a chance to meet you your energy reminded me of Mother Meera. I felt as if I was standing in the presence of divine royalty. You my beloved sister are pure Divine Love. You truly are the lamb of God who takes
away the sins of the world… so to say.
I wish every one would read your book because it would change the world… it would bring Heaven on Earth.
With all my Love and gratitude,
Lee DiMauro ^i^ Therapy for the Soul Derry, NH

“Erica is simply a blessing, her ability to embody and channel grace is remarkable. Literally, the day I purchased her e-Book, my life began to change. A year and a half relationship that I had be hiding inside of for fear of being alone became unraveled at the seams because the True Me was coming through and the relationship truly did no longer serve me. Without Grace I would have never had the ability to go through such a transition with such courage and ease. Additionally, a fear of writing a graduate school essay that had prevented me from taking on my career aspirations simply vanished after prostrating and handing the task over to my higher self and higher powers to write. I feel so free and blissful. Erica’s book and technology give you the tools to catapult you into a life without fear and without limits, I now REALLY know that there is NOTHING I cannot do. For the first time I have the trust and objective results to show that I can simply feel and get out of my own way…to make room for anything to be possible. I’m so excited to create my future. I’m truly living heaven on earth.” J.G MD

Erica went into silent communion with The Presence, not speaking to any human being. She received the ability to give the gift of Divine Grace that initiates enlightenment and heals the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Now she gives this enlightenment initiation to others by placing her hands on the head, or by giving the energy to groups, through the vibration of speaking, music, books, art, by sending it long distance, on the phone and now, through this book.

You will receive the first initiation to enlightenment by reading this book, gazing at the art in it, and feeling the Divine Presence in the words.

Life issues resolve without work, life gets easier, stress and worry fade away.

You will want everyone you care about to get a copy of “The TRUE You”, so that they can share this magnificent experience with you and join you in this exciting new world.

“hello Erica,

OH MY GOSH!!! Your book and you have guided me onto the path that I have been struggling with for years!!!
Once I found you back in October of 2010, I went to your class, I was taken aback by how much love and pure Grace was flowing through you, and the others there. I could NOT stop talking to my family about it! I kept telling them how exciting it was, how I was shifting somehow… it was amazing.  AND then the thing with my husband!!! How could anyone NOT want to know this? I have come from being in sort of peace… by way of not really having it, but wanting it sooooo badly… AND Now, I am completely at peace!! I have this light in my heart, I have a spring in my step, I have calm always….. yes I struggle sometimes, there are days… but your book has guided me towards the end results of being where I am right at this very moment.
AND my husband!! I can not even say enough about that!! If you had met him a few months back, you would be telling me this is NOT the same man I met! He is kind, considerate, compassionate, loving, gentle…. YES he is still falling backwards from time to time, but he is not falling every single day as he was. He actually catches himself when he is talking negative, being negative….:) IT makes me laugh! I tell him that all the time, that Erica is rubbing off on you through me! LOL!!

I sleep with the pages of your book as I have printed it off the computer. When I take it out, and forget to put it back, my sleep is disruptive, and I do not feel as good in the morning. So i have to hold on to it for a bit during the day and BAM, back to being feeling good!
Okay, you maybe saying, oh right Lori…. but I am not kidding!!! I am amazed at the transformation I have taken… I am amazed at how all those times I thought I was loosing my mind with all the things I thought were not real, but ARE!! Like for instance…. talking to my mom, talking to spirits, feeling things that were REAL… just going with my heart and NOT my head… WOW!!! My heart does know best! You are so you, and I LOVE it!! I feel connected to you, and each person in the groups…. I feel like I am suppose to feel…. Life is good! Life is fun! Life is living!!! :)

I can go on and on and on…. I do recommend your book and you to everyone!! I am always talking the talk, walking the walk…. some days sure, I am human, but I remember and stop and get back on the path!
I really have so much love in my heart now! Thank you!! It seems so minor to say that, Thank you – You have to know that it means so much to me!  love you to the moon and back!  Lori L. NH

Many people order several copies and give them as gifts. It’s easier and more fun when you share the experience with friends and loved ones. The order form will allow you to select however many copies you wish.

Whatever you desire next in your life, this book will help you achieve it with ease, Grace and flow. Once the Divine Presence is awake in you, and walking this planet as you, once you are in the flow of life that supplies all wants, needs and desires in the blink of an eye, creating the life you want is easy, fun, joyful, and exciting. Suffering, conflict, and struggle cease. Synchronicities become commonplace as you rendezvous with who and what you want in perfect (Divine) timing.

You’ll become “unsinkable” when you experience The Presence Within as a close friend and confidant. The economy, crime, government, heartbreak, loss, nothing will hold power over you once you have this direct experience of “The TRUE You”. And once you know who you are, you become an illuminated light, a flame, that sparks the flames of the rest of humanity.

This spiritual enlightenment manual is packed with groundbreaking, leading edge information people are saying they haven’t seen anywhere else, and it yields results. This is not more theories. It gives tangible spiritual experiences people can feel.  This is a no nonsense guide to practical spiritual enlightenment, resolution of mental/emotional issues, life fulfillment, and materializing your desires. Have deep, authentic spiritual experiences, and really change your life. Erica’s main objective is to assist you in getting liberated and free as quickly as possible, so you can move from spiritual seeking to living.

Most books TALK about spiritual enlightenment and awakening.  “The TRUE You” gives direct, very personal spiritual experiences, and can actually change your life in very practical ways.

How can a book do all that? When The Divine Presence in you is awake, miracles happen! You are The Divine in human form, but as long as the false self is in charge and driving the car of your life (so to speak), you are limited, you struggle, and you are not as happy as you could be (and CAN be!)

After spiritual awakening, you are naturally more powerful, happy, and whole. You don’t need healing, and you don’t need to work on yourself. You just live and evolve.

You are about to enter a completely new reality!

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